Cleaning without water

The highly balanced combination of hard waxes, polymers, PTFE, polishing agents, slip agents and cleaning components guarantee very simple handling at manual or machine processing. The dried-on residue can be easily rubbed off using a polishing cloth and the result will be a high-gloss, preserved paint surface. The product renders an extremely smooth surface with top deep shine.

For preserving and care of all new, asnew boat or airplane paints or paints thoroughly cleaned off using POLYTOP® rubbing compounds.

We recomend this product for cleaning of GFK and other plastik surfaces, as well as paintings on metal surfaces, such as boats and airplanes. The product works fine at normal contaminated surfaces (eg. next to muffler or breaks ). For heavier contamination (eg. next to muffler or breaks ) you may also use "Polymer S". You'll have the best results by using a polishing machine.

Consumption rate

about 10 ml / m² for use with polishing machines

about 20 ml / m² for conventional use

This product contains silicon.

Please check the following links for addtional product information :

*safety data sheet

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