Silicone-free suspension/emulsion with highly effective rubbing particles producing rubbing effects using special slip-agent components.

Rubbing compound with low rubbing performance. For removal of microscratches at paint surfaces or microscratchesscratches in windows an panels made of acrylic glass or other transparent materials.

We recomend this product for finishing of surfaces prepared with Schleifpaste K5".

processing instructions (acrylic glass):

  • We recomend the use of this material only with a polishing machine ( eg. FLEX L 3403 VRG).
  • Please use only new polishing sponges (quality white)
  • Please clean the surface from any sediments and dust before applying this product.
  • Adjust the polishing machine to the lowest possible speed
  • Alway's use enough material. Never allow the polish sponge to run dry.
  • Never exercice to much pressure.
  • Clean the window with polishing fleece after each cycle and check the results
  • We recomend some practice with an old piece of acrylic glass
This product is silicon free.

Please check the following links for addtional product information :

*safety data sheet

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