5V Switching Power Supply


On the boat or in the car we have easy access to 12 Volt power. A lot of little gadgets need 5 volts supply though - things like GPS mouse, microcontroller, USB-hub etc.

Often a linear 5 volt regualtor is used to reduce the 12 Volts to 5 Volts. This linear regulators just transform the excess energy into heat. This is not exactly efficient.

We made a little pcb with an integrated switching regualtor. The switching ruglators are much more efficient. They produce less heat and therefore they save energy - valuable energy on board of a Sailboat.

With tihis switching regulator we have a power source for 5 Volt and up to 2.5 Amps. The 5 Volt output is short circuit protected. No more blown fuses. Just fix the short circuit, and the regulator is ready again.

This regulator stays a lot cooler that the linear regulators. .

The board has 6 screw termimal to connect the wires. 2 terminal for 12..16 Volt input, 4 terminals to connect two of your gadgets.

The board dimensions are 49mm x 47mm.
It has 4 holes to mount it securely.

We used this this power supply at an input voltage of 14.5 volt and a load of 1.4 Amps. It get's a little warmer than handwarm. Try this with an linear regulator. It'll get really hot.

1.5 Amps is about the operating load we recommend.
It's no problem to draw 2.5 A - but with 2.5 A even the switching regulator get's hot.

So - for a short period of time ( a minute or two ) it can easily provide 2.5 A. But for standard operation we recommend to use not more than 1.5 A.

The regulator itself is protected against over temperature. When the temperature get's too high, it will reduce the current. So the regulator will not get damaged.

Our recomendation !! Operation current max. 1,5 A !!

More details and a manual can be found on our Project Pages

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