It's now available, our exciting new ET-AVR Stamp Module.

This terrific high-performance module is ideal for a wide range of applications, including embedded controllers, robots, remote control systems and much more.

The controler may be programed either by SPI Interface or JTAG.

There's a 16 MHz resonater on board, as well as a potentiometer to adjust the analog reference voltage an a reset key.

A LED on board indicates that the supply voltage is on.
All pins are avaliable outside ( except the resonator pin's ).
The analog pins are at the "upside" connector, while all other pins are at the "downside" connectors.

Your AVR-Stamp comes togehter with a CD-ROM containing datasheets and useful information.

Please note that we do offer combi pack's at a special price ( AVR-Stamp & JTAG-ICE together )

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