Fluxpen Kester 952-D6


The fluxpen is the ideal tool for any SMD workshop. There's no easier way to dispense the right amount of flux a the desired place in order to repair a board, change a device or just resolder a special solder spot. Usind the Fluxpen is a easy a using a board marker. A gentle push a the tip, an the flux starts running.

Kester 952-D6 is a no-clean, non-corrosive, halide free Flux Pen® that is specifically designed for lead-free rework of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Essentially no residue remains after soldering. Kester 952-D6 was developed with a modified surface tension to aid in soldering boards that have surface mount and high component densities. This comprehensive formulation possesses improved wetting characteristics and also exhibits superior corrosion inhibiting properties and provides a non-tacky residue. A major advantage of this flux is the reduced odor associated with the soldering process. Kester 952-D6 incorporates a small amount of rosin for higher reliablility.

Please note that Fluxpen ist designed and labeld for industrial use. Please always refer to the safety Data Sheet. You may download the Datasheet and the safety data sheet HERE
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